I don’t post things here very frequently, but what’s here is some combination of blog posts about projects I’ve worked on outside of my day job, links to talks I’ve given about building software with AI, and random musings about ideas that stick in my head for a while. You can read these posts to learn more about things I’ve built and how I think.

Stop watching your code run: Introducing LMK In this post I discuss a new tool I've created called LMK that helps you monitor long-running processes and notify yourself when they finish. I talk about the pain I've experienced with long-running jobs that motivated building it.
Reality Check: Overcoming the Hallucination Hurdle in Generative AI In September 2023 I gave this talk at the "LLMs and the Generative AI Revolution" virual conference put on by the AI Infrastructure Alliance. I talk about how to build reliable software on top of LLMs despite their propensity to hallucinate.
Using LLMs to Punch Above your Weight! In April 2023 I gave this talk at the LLMs in Production Conference. I talk about how Anzen has used large language models to help us rapidly build high-quality ML-powered features to solve difficult problems we've come across at a very low cost relative to training models from scratch.
What Software Frameworks can learn from Lego Exploring some of the things that make Lego great as a platform outside of some of the obvious things you'd think of.
Complex Dependencies in Infrastructure as Code This blog post describes how a number of how Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation, and Statey handle certain complex dependency issues.
How Infrastucture as Code Works This blog post introduces a basic model for understanding how the internals of how infrastructure as code tools build task graphs to migrate between states.