Single Sock is an e-commerce website I built that would let users buy a single sock from a pair to replace a lost one from a pair.


Single Sock is an e-commerce website that I created with a simple idea. I love high-quality socks, particularly Darn Tough-branded ones. These socks are pretty expensive—they cost ~$25 per pair. But they aren’t immune to the same problem all socks are—somehow, sooner or later, you end up losing one but not the other. This means that I actually would pay for a single sock that completes a pair where I’m missing one. I would even pay an extra couple of dollars per sock for shipping—it would still be cheaper than buying a new pair. Basically that’s the idea behind Single Sock—you can buy a single sock from a pair, then as soon as someone else wants to buy the matching one, we buy the pair and ship one of them to each of you.

It was a fun project to work on, and the site is live if you want to check it out though.