My name is Cam Feenstra, and I am a software engineer. I use this website to write about my projects and interests. I’m a self-taught programmer, and I’m most interested in working on the most difficult problems I can find. Professionally, I’m currently working on helping business manage their risk and run more efficiently at Anzen in San Francisco.

Photo of Me

My interests within the software field are pretty broad; I love writing code, and I’ve done work on many parts of the software stack: writing frontends, developing APIs, implementing data pipelines, setting up cloud infrastructure, and even training machine learning models.

I use this site mainly to post projects I’ve worked on outside of work, but I’ve also posted links to recordings of some talks I’ve given about building software on top of large language models. Sometimes I also just have an idea I can’t get out of my head, and I write a blog post about it here. If you’re interested, check out the posts and projects pages to learn more. You can also follow me on twitter, where I sometimes post about the projects I’m working on.

I also try to spend plenty of time not on the computer, whether that be running, travelling, hiking, biking, kayaking, or just hanging around outside. During the winter I also love skiing.